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Primary Author – Kevin M. Morrison


Voyage of the Liberty

In this series, the star cruiser Liberty is sent on it’s voyage as earth’s first faster than light vehicle. The initial maximum speed is 27 times the speed of light. The posts center on the events of the crew and the people they meet along the way.

This series is set approximately 50 years in the future (about 2065).

The main propulsion systems for the star cruiser is Warp Drive for faster than light speeds (Star Trek coined this term, however it is my position that the term has exceeded the boundaries of that science fiction writings. In fact NASA today is interesting in creating such a drive with development under the same name), and slower than light speeds by magnetic drive (the ability to push and pull the ship using near objects). Maneuvering is accomplished through Ion propulsion.


The Travelers

Lieutenant Frank Savage, US Air Force was working with a team of scientists to test a matter transport system in the year 2081 when he is accidentally transported. He was successfully transported to Medicine Bow, Wyoming, however he, along with scientific equipment and weapons, was also transported to the year 1881.

Once there he meets a strange character who calls himself ‘The Guardian’. This Guardian advises the Lieutenant Savage that there is a mission he must complete before he can return to his time. He will face outlaws from the old west as well as some other time travelers. Will he ever get home?




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