The Warrior


This is an excerpt from a story I am working on. The setting of this part of the story takes place on a distant world where children, who have been rescued from other worlds where their lives are at risk, are trained to become Gods warriors against evil.


Kaylee stood in the center of the arena where their training often took place. She was recently approved to take the final tests in order to join the Royal Order of Yeshua; a Christian group trained to be warriors for God. Over the main building were these words: Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. Respect all life. That is your oath.

At age 13, she was the youngest of the students at the school, and yet she had shown a natural ability concerning the art of combat. It took great agility to reach this stage of training and she felt quite proud of her accomplishment. So much so that she had verbalized her feelings. After all, such a success made her feel good. However, now was not the time for her test.

Three older students approached her and affixed blinding glasses preventing her from seeing. After doing so they moved away and armed themselves with swords. Kaylee, unarmed, readied herself for the battle, lowering her head in prayer. The rest of the students gathered to watch. One of the older students threw an apple and swung the blade, slicing it in half. The three then took position surrounding her.

Kaylee took a deep breath and assumed a frontal stance, digging her feet into the dirt.

“Ready” she proclaimed.

A student attempted to draw her to him by yelling as if to attack, but she held her ground. The three moved smoothly, changing their position. Kaylee listened for indications of their movements. One rushed forward, sword raised, kicking, but Kaylee caught the foot and threw him off balance.

Another tried to take the advantage thrusting his sword, but Kaylee sidestepped his move and sent a swift kick, bringing him to his knees. The third moved in, swinging the sword over his head. However, hearing his steps she bent and allowed him to pivot over her, finishing the movement by throwing him jujitsu style over her body.

As the three older students shook the dust from their heads, the Teacher appeared. He stopped, staring at Kaylee, who removed her glasses to see him standing there. She immediately lowered her head, recognizing his disappointment.

“For what reason did you risk such danger” he asked.

“My purpose was to prove my agility and courage” she replied timidly.

“I had hoped such qualities were already yours.”

“I wanted to test them.”

The teacher looked around at the other students.

“Was your test for yourself or for them?” The Teacher looked at the three older students who were now standing. He motioned for them to be removed from the arena.

“They had challenged me. Should I not defend my honor when so challenged?”

“Was it your honor that required defense; or was it your words of pride that you spoke when you were told of your successes.”

“When we succeed, should we not be proud? Isn’t that the feeling I have inside?”

“Pride is a good feeling inside you. It is wrong when it creeps out and causes you to care how others see you.”

Kaylee was sad that she handled her pride so poorly. She looked up at the Teacher.

“How do I keep my pride in, when I feel so good about succeeding?”

“That is why you must also learn from the word. Remember the proverb when pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”(Proverbs 11:12)


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