THIS BLOG HAS MOVED!  GO TO for my NEW BLOG   My new blog is titled "Science Fiction Anthology"  (Click on the title to be taken directly to this new blog). As of this date (05/01/2018) all stores and posts to this blog will stop. My intent was to have all followers automatically connected to... Continue Reading →


The Warrior

  This is an excerpt from a story I am working on. The setting of this part of the story takes place on a distant world where children, who have been rescued from other worlds where their lives are at risk, are trained to become Gods warriors against evil.   Kaylee stood in the center... Continue Reading →

The Observer

The explosion shook the ground, throwing dirt onto soldiers crouching nearby. Machine gun and rifle fire followed; erupting between a Nazi machine gun nest and American soldiers. The Americans were pinned down on a cobblestone road, a short distance from a bridge leading to a small French village. The enemy machine gun had protection, positioned... Continue Reading →

Dark Things Down Below

“Hey guys, check it out!” Brad pulled back the ivy vines to revel the mouth of a hidden cave. His call brought the other three teens like a drop of sugar to ants. “Wow,” said Martin, “this is awesome!” His words returned to him echoing from the silent world they invaded. “I’ll bet we are... Continue Reading →

Field Trip

The bright yellow and black school buses hovered behind one another waiting at the Matzo Koen Regional Spaceport. The buses, loaded with students from various high schools, stood by for clearance to unload them for the annual senior class field trip. One by one the doors to the buses opened and, as if overloaded, the... Continue Reading →

Finding A New Game

Morgan swung her legs out of the car. She noticed a puddle near her and attempted to reach over it. As she did her foot dropped into another puddle. She could feel the cold water up to her ankle. She was more frustrated than embarrassed. As she stepped out of the car her face felt... Continue Reading →

Kayla and the Invaders

Kayla’s crystal blue eyes were focused on the pages of the book. She held a pencil in her right hand, the eraser end between her teeth, and her left hand rubbed the side of her neck under her long red hair. She was motionless. It was as if someone had pressed pause on the remote.... Continue Reading →

Break Out [Part 2]

Security One is the headquarters for all security, enforcement, and control for the planet. The building is home to the world police force, global communications, defense monitoring network, and local enforcement and control. Prisoners under interrogation or awaiting tribunal sentencing are located on the tenth floor. Executions are common so the prison level only needs... Continue Reading →

Break-Out [Part 1]

The girls both put on a face shield. The shields covered their faces, and projected an electronic diagram of the prison floor based on their position. They also used thermal sensing so they could see all living beings on the floor. Susan opened the door slightly and Torah pitched in two flash-bang grenades. Susan activated the riot control system which deployed heavy smoke. The grenades exploded with bright flashes and two thunderous explosions, disorienting the occupants.

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